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High efficiency DIN rail mount compatible PSU (European connector type)
 UDP-240-A24-E00-B The built-in arrestor to avoid/mitigate the risk of lightning damage
The thin module design enables miniaturization of controlpanels to save space
Supports approx. 1.7 times higher peak load The product supports 10 second output of peak power,which makes it optimum for devices involving an inrush current, such as motors.
Adoption of push-in terminals to reduce the burden of man-hour
Reduction of noise filters possible The power supply unit clears VCCI ClassB for the conducted emission
EN62477-1 OVCIII compliant design
Notification of service life expiration supported (optional)
Output specification
Output specification
Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
Compatible case size Other
Outline drawing 41Wx124Hx117.5D
Weight 0.7 kg typ
Input Voltage AC 85-264V
Efficiency AC 92% typ(AC100V)/94% typ(AC230V)
Power factor 99%min(AC115V)/91%min(AC230V)
Input changeover system Worldwide
Safety UL62368,CSA62368(c-UL),UL508
PSE(Ordinance item 2) Compliant
CE marking
High frequency current regulation IEC61000-3-2 (ed.2.1) class D EN61000-3-2 (A14) class D compliant
EMI standard
(Input feedback noise)
VCCI/FCC/CISPR32/EN55032 Class B compliant
CE marking Low voltage and EMI directive and RoHS2.0
EMS immunity Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2 compliant
Radiate, radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-3 compliant
Fast transient burst: EN61000-4-4 compliant
Lightning surge: EN61000-4-5 compliant
Conductive radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-6 compliant
Power source frequency magnetic immunity: EN61000-4-8 compliant
Voltage dips and fluctuation: EN61000-4-11 compliant
Operating temperature -20 to 70 deg.C
Leakage current 0.20mA typ(AC100V)/0.40mA typ(AC200V)
Cooling systems Air-cooling without blower
Insulation AC input - DC output AC1.5kV for 1 minute,AC input - FG AC1kV for 1 minute, DC output - FG AC500V for 1 minute,
Output ground connection Capacitor ground
Warranty Three years after delivery