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Product infoThe fanless UZP-600 Series overturns conventional wisdom.
The fanless UZP-600 Series overturns conventional wisdom.
PCB type AC-DC switching power supplies, the UZP-600 series, have achieved the peak power of 600 W continuous/1200 W peak, twice as high as the continuous output power, with a fanless construction. The product is optimum for motor loads, such as transfer equipment, requiring a large power for a short period. Because of its fanless construction, the risk of sucking in foreign matters is reduced and the requirement to service the fan is eliminated, enhancing the reliability of the device for which the PSU is used.

The high peak power twice as high as the continuous power is supported
If a large power (peak power) is required temporarily, such as an inrush current for a motor, this PSU supports the power twice as high as the continuous output power for a short period (5 seconds). This eliminates the need for choosing a PSU with a large continuous rated output matching the peak load, enables size reduction of PSU and facilitates reduction of units footprint and cost.
One of the best in the industry in terms of efficiency
A high level of efficiency 95%typ has been achieved for a 24 V output type, providing a significant support for saving energy and reducing CO2 emission.

Extends the service life by limiting the heat generation
Longer service life with low heat generation
While it is a compact unit with a large power capacity, a longer service life has been realized with a high efficiency circuit design limiting the heat generation. This facilitates the enhancement of safety and reliability of the device.

Models with connectors and harmonica style terminal blocks are available
Supports a wide variety of applications
The PSU comes with harmonica style terminal blocks or dividable nylon connectors as I/O terminals. (Both horizontal and vertical arrangements will be offered.

Enhanced resistance to lightning surges
Avoid/mitigate the risk of lightning damage
By incorporating an arrestor as a surge protector, the resistance to external surges due to lightning or other causes has been enhanced (8 kV).
Surge voltage resistance 8 kV

Other features
Miniature size of 5 9 inches
Comes with a +12 V standby output
Blackout detection signal and remote ON/OFF feature incorporated
Instantaneous power failures can be addressed by connecting a capacitor unit
Models certified for medical standards will also be added
With a +12V output (optional) linked with the remote ON/OFF for the fan

UZP-600, the difference maker!
Given below are the strengths of new PSU UZP-600 series, which supports the peak power double the continuous output power, a level unprecedented for a fanless unit, while inheriting the superior quality and high reliability of Nipron products.
Continuous output capacity (natural air cooling)
With 90 VAC and above
Continuous power output of 600 W possible with the supply of 90 VAC and above
Continuous output capacity (forced air cooling)
Continuous output of 801.6 W enabled with forced air cooling
An optional output of 12 V for driving a fan is available
Peak power
Twice the power
The peak power double the continuous power (1200 W) supported
Lightning surge resistance
The built-in arrestor offers
Without an arrestor,
The security & safety
The unit could fail.
An arrestor is built in to enhance the resistance to lightning surges (8 kV)
Dividable connectors
Use a required number of terminals matching the load
Can address instantaneous power failures
Backup for instantaneous power failures
Instantaneous power failure
Instantaneous power failures addressed by connecting the capacitor unit

Advantages brought about by the replacement
The UZP-600 is a fanless PSU with a large capacity of continuous power of 600 W, which can be increased to 800 W with forced air cooling, and the peak power of 1200 W and offers a number of advantages like fanless construction of the device, replacement of unit type PSUs, and so on.
Competitors' products
Price and space for two units
Cost reduction and miniaturization enabled
The trouble of servicing the fan, the risk of sucking in foreign matters
Fanless construction achieved

Output specifications
Output voltage
Continuous current
/continuous power
(Natural air cooling)
Continuous current
/continuous power
(Forced air cooling)
Peak current/peak power
(within 5 s)
Input voltage
Size (WHD) mm

Outline drawing (Model with a vertically arranged terminal block)