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22 Product
Computer Power Supply Nonstop Power Supply AC-DC Power Supply
DC-DC Power Supply Battery Package Option
Model Name Max output Peak output Output voltage Size(WxHxD)
eNSP3-450P-C20-H1V 350W 450.5W ATX 150x86x140
ePCSA-500P-X2C 350W 505.5W ATX 150x86x140
ePCSA-650P-E2S 550W 650W ATX 150x86x180
HNSP9-520P-S20-H0V-24V 400W 520W ATX+24V 150x86x175
HNSP9-520P-S20-H0V-48V 305.1W 520W ATX+48V 150x86x175
HNSP9-520P-S20-H1V 400W 520W ATX 150x86x140
HNSP9-520P-S20-H1V-24V 400W 520W ATX+24V 150x86x175
HNSP9-520P-S20-H1V-48V 305.1W 520W +140V 150x86x175
HNSP9-520P-S20-H6V 400W 520W ATX 150x86x140
HNSP9-520P-S20-H6V-24V 400W 520W ATX+24V 150x86x175
HNSP9-520P-S20-H6V-48V 305.1W 520W ATX+48V 150x86x175
HPCSA-1000P-E2S 822W 1000W ATX 150x85x190
HPCSA-570P-X2S 400W 570W ATX 150x86x139
HPCSA-570P-X2S-24V 400W 570W ATX+24V 150x86x175
HPCSA-570P-X2S-48V 305.1W 570W ATX+48V 150x86x175
HPCSF-400P-X2S1 310W 400W ATX 125x63.5x125
mNSP3-450P-S20-H7V 301W 450.5W ATX 150x86x139
mPCSA-500P-X2S 301W 500.5W ATX 150x86x139
NSP6F-220P-S10 160W 220W ATX 100x63.5x152
PC1U-300P-E2S 250W 300W ATX 106x41x260
PCSA-370P-X2S 280.5W 370.5W ATX 150x86x140
PCSA-370P-X2S1 280.5W 370.5W ATX 150x86x139