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202 Product
Computer Power Supply Nonstop Power Supply AC-DC Power Supply
DC-DC Power Supply Battery Package Option
Model Name Max output Peak output Output voltage Size(WxHxD)
GNSP3-750-12X05-TRP 708.1W 1067.5W ATX 82x128x235
GPSA-1000-24P-TES 1014W 2022W +24V 128x61x240
GPSA-1000-24P-TIS 1014W 2022W +24V 128x61x240
GPSA-1000-48P-TES 1014W 2022W +48V 128x61x240
GPSA-1000-48P-TIS 1014W 2022W +48V 128x61x240
GPSA-1500-24P-PES 1518W 2046W +24V 128x82x250
GPSA-1500-24P-TES 1518W 2046W +24V 128x82x250
GPSA-1500-48P-PES 1638W 2118W +48V 128x82x250
GPSA-1500-48P-TES 1638W 2118W +48V 128x82x250
GPSA-360-12-TP 360W 408W +12V 41x128x230
GPSA-360-24-TP 360W 408W +24V 41x128x230
GPSA-600-12P-TP 600W 960W +12V 128x61x240
GPSA-600-24P-TP 600W 1200W +24V 128x61x240
GPSA-600-36P-TP 600W 1200W +36V 128x61x240
GPSA-600-48P-TP 600W 960W +48V 128x61x240
GPSA-750-12-TP 672W 840W +12V 82x128x235
GPSA-750-24-TP 720W 840W +24V 82x128x235
mGPSA-360-12-TP 360W 480W +12V 128x41x230
mGPSA-360-24-TP 360W 499.2W +24V 128x41x230
mOZP-200-12-JSE 200.4W 400.8W +12V 73x40x222
mOZP-200-15-JSE 201W 400.5W +15V 73x40x222
mOZP-200-24-JSE 201.6W 400.8W +24V 73x40x222
mOZP-200-36-JSE 201.6W 403.2W +36V 73x40x222
mOZP-200-3R3-JSE 132W 198W +3.3V 73x40x222
mOZP-200-48-JSE 201.6W 403.2W +48V 73x44x222
mOZP-200-5-JSE 200W 300W +5V 73x40x222
mOZP-350-12-JSE 300W 504W +12V 95x44x222
mOZP-350-24-JSE 350.4W 600W +24V 95x44x222
mOZP-350-36-JSE 352.8W 601W +36V 95x44x222
mOZP-350-48-JSE 350.4W 600W +48V 95x44x222
mUZP-120-12-J0L 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
mUZP-120-12-JB0 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
mUZP-120-12-JBH 120W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
mUZP-120-24-J0L 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
mUZP-120-24-JB0 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
mUZP-120-24-JBH 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
mUZP-150-12-J0E 150W 400.8W +12V 75x35x160
mUZP-150-24-J0E 150W 400.8W +24V 75x35x160
mUZP-150-48-J0E 150W 400.8W +48V 75x35x160
mUZP-220-12-JBE 180W 400.8W +12V 75x36x160
mUZP-220-24-JBE 220.8W 400.8W +24V 75x36x160
mUZP-220-48-JBE 220.8W 400.8W +48V 75x36x160
mUZPT-120-12-J0L 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-12-JB0 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-12-JBH 120W 201.6W +12V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-15-J0L 100.5W 201W +15V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-15-JB0 100.5W 201W +15V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-15-JBH 120W 201W +15V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-24-J0L 120W 201.6W +24V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-24-JB0 120W 201.6W +24V 62x34x155
mUZPT-120-24-JBH 120W 201.6W +24V 62x34x155
OZ-015-12-J00 15W - +12V 50x28x105
OZ-015-12-J00-C 15.6W - +12V 57x35x125
OZ-015-12-J00-K 15.6W - +12V 57x36x125
OZ-015-15-J00 15W - +15V 50x28x105
OZ-015-15-J00-C 15W - +15V 57x36x125
OZ-015-15-J00-K 15W - +15V 57x36x125
OZ-015-24-J00 15W - +24V 50x28x105
OZ-015-24-J00-C 16.8W - +24V 57x35x125
OZ-015-24-J00-K 16.8W - +24V 57x36x125
OZ-015-3R3-J00 9.9W - +3.3V 50x28x105
OZ-015-3R3-J00-C 9.9W - +3.3V 57x35x125
OZ-015-3R3-J00-K 9.9W - +3.3V 57x36x125
OZ-015-5-J00 15W - +5V 50x28x105
OZ-015-5-J00-C 15W - +5V 57x35x125
OZ-015-5-J00-K 15W - +5V 57x36x125
OZ-030-12-J00 30W - +12V 55x28x138
OZ-030-12-J00-C 30W - +12V 65x35x163
OZ-030-12-J00-K 30W - +12V 65x36x163
OZ-030-15-J00 30W - +15V 55x28x133
OZ-030-15-J00-C 30W - +15V 65x35x163
OZ-030-15-J00-K 30W - +15V 65x36x163
OZ-030-24-J00 30W - +24V 55x28x133
OZ-030-24-J00-C 31.2W - +24V 65x35x163
OZ-030-24-J00-K 31.2W - +24V 65x36x163
OZ-030-3R3-J00 19.8W - +3.3V 55x28x133
OZ-030-3R3-J00-C 19.8W - +3.3V 65x35x163
OZ-030-3R3-J00-K 19.8W - +3.3V 65x36x163
OZ-030-5-J00 30W - +5V 55x28x133
OZ-030-5-J00-C 30W - +5V 65x35x163
OZ-030-5-J00-K 30W - +5V 65x36x163
OZ-060-12-J00 60W - +12V 55x32x195
OZ-060-12-J00-C 60W - +12V 65x41x225
OZ-060-12-J00-K 60W - +12V 65x42x225
OZ-060-15-J00 60W - +15V 55x32x195
OZ-060-15-J00-C 60W - +15V 65x41x225
OZ-060-15-J00-K 60W - +15V 65x42x225
OZ-060-24-J00 60W - +24V 55x32x195
OZ-060-24-J00-C 60W - +24V 65x41x225
OZ-060-24-J00-K 60W - +24V 65x42x225
OZ-060-3R3-J00 40W - +3.3V 55x32x195
OZ-060-3R3-J00-C 39.6W - +3.3V 65x41x225
OZ-060-3R3-J00-K 39.6W - +3.3V 65x42x225
OZ-060-5-J00 60W - +5V 55x32x195
OZ-060-5-J00-C 60W - +5V 65x41x225
OZ-060-5-J00-K 60W - +5V 65x42x225
OZM-015-0312N12-J00 13.8W 13.8W Multi Output 50x28x127
OZM-015-0312N12-J00-C 13.8W 13.8W Multi Output 57x37x147
OZM-015-0312N12-J00-K 13.8W 13.8W Multi Output 57x38x147
OZM-015-0315N15-J00 14.1W 14.1W Multi Output 50x28x127
OZM-015-0315N15-J00-C 14.1W 14.1W Multi Output 57x37x147
OZM-015-0315N15-J00-K 14.1W 14.1W Multi Output 57x38x147
OZM-015-0512N12-J00 17.2W 17.2W Multi Output 50x28x127
OZM-015-0512N12-J00-C 17.2W 17.2W Multi Output 57x37x147
OZM-015-0512N12-J00-K 17.2W 17.2W Multi Output 57x37x147
OZM-015-0515N15-J00 17.5W 17.5W Multi Output 50x28x127
OZM-015-0515N15-J00-C 17.2W 17.2W Multi Output 57x57x147
OZM-015-0515N15-J00-K 17.5W 17.5W Multi Output 57x37x147
OZM-030-0312N12-J00 29.1W 29.1W Multi Output 65x31.5x140
OZM-030-0312N12-J00-C 29.1W 29.1W Multi Output 72x37x160
OZM-030-0312N12-J00-K 29.1W 29.1W Multi Output 72x38x160
OZM-030-0315N15-J00 29.4W 29.4W Multi Output 65x31.5x140
OZM-030-0315N15-J00-C 29.4W 29.4W Multi Output 72x37x160
OZM-030-0315N15-J00-K 29.4W 29.4W Multi Output 72x38x160
OZM-030-0512N12-J00 34.2W 34.2W Multi Output 65x31.5x140
OZM-030-0512N12-J00-C 34.2W 34.2W Multi Output 72x37x160
OZM-030-0512N12-J00-K 34.2W 34.2W Multi Output 72x38x160
OZM-030-0515N15-J00 34.5W 34.5W Multi Output 65x31.5x140
OZM-030-0515N15-J00-C 34.5W 34.5W Multi Output 72x37x160
OZM-030-0515N15-J00-K 34.5W 34.5W Multi Output 72x38x160
OZM-030-12N12-J00 36W 36W Multi Output 55x28x133
OZM-030-12N12-J00-C 36W 36W Multi Output 65x35x163
OZM-030-12N12-J00-K 36W 36W Multi Output 65x36x163
OZM-030-15N15-J00 36W 36W Multi Output 55x28x133
OZM-030-15N15-J00-C 36W 36W Multi Output 65x35x163
OZM-030-15N15-J00-K 36W 36W Multi Output 65x36x163
OZP-120-12/15-J00 120W 180W - 73x35x180
OZP-120-12/15-J00-C 120W 180W - 83x43x210
OZP-120-12/15-J00-K 120W 180W - 83x45x210
OZP-120-12/15-T00 120W 180W - 73x35x180
OZP-120-12/15-T00-C 120W 180W - 83x43x210
OZP-120-12/15-T00-K 120W 180W - 83x45x210
OZP-120-24-J00 120W 216W +24V 73x35x180
OZP-120-24-J00-C 120W 216W +24V 83x43x210
OZP-120-24-J00-K 120W 216W +24V 83x45x210
OZP-120-24-JB0 120W 180W +24V 73x35x180
OZP-120-24-JB0-C 120W 216W +24V 83x43x210
OZP-120-24-JB0-K 120W 216W +24V 83x45x210
OZP-120-24-T00 120W 216W +24V 73x35x180
OZP-120-24-T00-C 120W 216W +24V 83x43x210
OZP-120-24-T00-K 120W 216W +24V 83x45x210
OZP-120-24-TB0 120W 180W +24V 73x35x180
OZP-120-24-TB0-C 120W 216W +24V 83x43x210
OZP-120-24-TB0-K 120W 216W +24V 83.8x45x210
OZP-170-12/15-J00 168W 270W - 73x40x222
OZP-170-12/15-J00-C 168W 270W - 83x49x252
OZP-170-12/15-J00-K 168W 270W - 83x51x252
OZP-170-12/15-T00 168W 300W - 73x40x222
OZP-170-12/15-T00-C 168W 270W - 83x49x252
OZP-170-12/15-T00-K 168W 270W - 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-J00 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-J00-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-J00-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-JB0 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-JB0-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-JB0-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-T00 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-T00-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-T00-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-TB0 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-TB0-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-TB0-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-200-12-JSE 200.4W 400.8W +12V 73x40x222
OZP-200-12-JSE-C 200.4W 400.8W +12V 83x49x252
OZP-200-12-JSE-K 200.4W 400.8W +12V 83x51x252
OZP-200-15-JSE 201W 400.5W +15V 73x40x222
OZP-200-15-JSE-C 201W 400.5W +15V 83x49x252
OZP-200-15-JSE-K 201W 400.5W +15V 83x51x252
OZP-200-24-JSE 201.6W 400.8W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-200-24-JSE-C 201.6W 400.8W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-200-24-JSE-K 201.6W 400.8W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-200-36-JSE 201.6W 403.2W +36V 73x40x222
OZP-200-36-JSE-C 201.6W 403.2W +36V 83x49x252
OZP-200-36-JSE-K 201.6W 403.2W +36V 83x51x252
OZP-200-3R3-JSE 132W 198W +3.3V 73x40x222
OZP-200-3R3-JSE-C 132W 198W +3.3V 83x83x252
OZP-200-3R3-JSE-K 132W 198W +3.3V 83x51x252
OZP-200-48-JSE 201.6W 403.2W +48V 73x40x222
OZP-200-48-JSE-C 201.6W 403.2W +48V 83x49x252
OZP-200-48-JSE-K 201.6W 403.2W +48V 83x51x252
OZP-200-5-JSE 200W 300W +5V 73x40x222
OZP-200-5-JSE-C 200W 300W +5V 83x49x252
OZP-200-5-JSE-K 200W 300W +5V 83x51x252
OZP-350-12-JSE 300W 504W +12V 95x47x222
OZP-350-24-JSE 350.4W 600W +24V 95x47x222
OZP-350-30-JSE 351W 600W +30V 95x47x222
OZP-350-36-JSE 352.8W 601W +36V 95x47x222
OZP-350-48-JSE 350.4W 600W +48V 95x47x222
UZP-120-12-J0L 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
UZP-120-12-JB0 100.8W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
UZP-120-12-JBH 120W 200.4W +12V 62x24x155
UZP-120-24-J0L 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
UZP-120-24-JB0 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
UZP-120-24-JBH 120W 201.6W +24V 62x24x155
UZP-150-12-J0E 150W 400W +12V 75x35x160
UZP-150-18-J0E 151.2W 400W +18V 75x35x160
UZP-150-24-J0E 151.2W 400W +24V 75x35x160
UZP-150-48-J0E 153.6W 400W +48V 75x35x160
UZP-220-12-JBE 180W 400.8W +12V 75x36x160
UZP-220-18-JBE 180W 401.4W +18V 75x36x160
UZP-220-24-JBE 220.8W 400.8W +24V 75x36x160
UZP-220-48-JBE 220.8W 400.8W +48V 75x36x160