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18 Product
Computer Power Supply Nonstop Power Supply AC-DC Power Supply
DC-DC Power Supply Battery Package Option
Model Name Max output Peak output Output voltage Size(WxHxD)
OZP-170-12/15-J00 168W 270W - 73x40x222
OZP-170-12/15-J00-C 168W 270W - 83x49x252
OZP-170-12/15-J00-K 168W 270W - 83x51x252
OZP-170-12/15-T00 168W 300W - 73x40x222
OZP-170-12/15-T00-C 168W 270W - 83x49x252
OZP-170-12/15-T00-K 168W 270W - 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-J00 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-J00-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-J00-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-JB0 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-JB0-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-JB0-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-T00 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-T00-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-T00-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252
OZP-170-24-TB0 168W 300W +24V 73x40x222
OZP-170-24-TB0-C 168W 300W +24V 83x49x252
OZP-170-24-TB0-K 168W 300W +24V 83x51x252