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Computer Power Supply Nonstop Power Supply AC-DC Power Supply
DC-DC Power Supply Battery Package Option
Model Name Max output Peak output Output voltage Size(WxHxD)
OZ-030-12-J00 30W - +12V 55x28x138
OZ-030-12-J00-C 30W - +12V 65x35x163
OZ-030-12-J00-K 30W - +12V 65x36x163
OZ-030-15-J00 30W - +15V 55x28x133
OZ-030-15-J00-C 30W - +15V 65x35x163
OZ-030-15-J00-K 30W - +15V 65x36x163
OZ-030-24-J00 30W - +24V 55x28x133
OZ-030-24-J00-C 31.2W - +24V 65x35x163
OZ-030-24-J00-K 31.2W - +24V 65x36x163
OZ-030-3R3-J00 19.8W - +3.3V 55x28x133
OZ-030-3R3-J00-C 19.8W - +3.3V 65x35x163
OZ-030-3R3-J00-K 19.8W - +3.3V 65x36x163
OZ-030-5-J00 30W - +5V 55x28x133
OZ-030-5-J00-C 30W - +5V 65x35x163
OZ-030-5-J00-K 30W - +5V 65x36x163