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A new ATX power supply HPCSA-700P is now available.
Forecast of life Operating time is weighed by monitoring operating conditions includingfan speed, Monitoring function Respective input and output conditions inside a power supply unit are recorded It supports communication according to I2C standard which has rich experience as internal communication for industrial Variable setting function of overcurrent protection circuit Standard setting for overcurrent protection (OCP) is so made as to meet with the upper limit of respective systems. Output voltage rising adjustment Against a problem of compatibility between PC and a power supply unit which may occur rarely due to difference in
High quality and reliability Parts layout ensuring superior quality and high reliability High-efficiency circuit reduces amount of heat generation It achieves maximum efficiency of 89% typ. It reduces significantly power loss, minimizes power consumption Low noise and low leakage current are offered While reducing the leakage current, the conducted emission of even a single power supply unit clears the VCCI Class B
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